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Contessa Azzura
    Her eyes were the color of an Alpine sky, yet she was Italian as Rome itself. Her lover was a Captain in the palace guard…until her husband, the Count, discovered their affair. The captain's fate is best not told. As to the Contessa, the only visitors allowed her in the lonely tower room were women. No man ever again fell under the spell of those deep blue eyes.
The Legend Lives…
    Nearly a century ago, master perfumer Joseph Palazzolo created the original Contessa Azzura perfume and cologne, for the Contessa herself. Like the woman for whom it was named, it, too, became a legend.

    Now Contessa Azzura is available in a strictly Limited Edition of the original privately-molded bottles designed by Mr. Palazzolo. These miniature works of art are prized collectors items. However, they also hold the charm of earlier times, when Contessa Azzura was treasured by the Italian Royal Family, and by a select circle of fine gentleladies in America.

    Discover for yourself the rare qualities of this unique fragrance that still has power to touch the soul.

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